Something unique about Pinterest Get traffic with it and make money

1) Vast majority (that is close to 90% of the users) of pinterest users are from the US. So this makes it a dream platform for those who earn money through CPA and US affiliate sales
2) Vast majority of those 90% are women. Which narrows down the options you have which will work out well with pinterest.
3) The major attraction is not the message by the image that you pin.
How to use it as a regular user?
1) You can pin any page you like and share the image
2) Like and comment on those pics and pages you like
3) Repin them on to your boards
4) Follow top contributors, and get followers to your boards

How to use it as an Internet Marketer?

1) Share images and instead of links to the pages, give your affiliate links
2) Get more followers (you have lot of white hat and black hat ways to do it).
3) Use multiple accounts(in the range of 30+ accounts) to pin, like and share the aff link.
4) If one of the products goes viral you will get more than 200-300 dollars a day, and this happens quite easily at this point of time.
5) There are massive pin grabbers, which will grab good pins, you can then repin those successful pins using your pages/affiliate links
6) Best things to promote based on my experience. Amazon links, walmart (you can get it from linkshare) and macys do really well. Home appliances, apparels, foot wear and cosmetics do really well. And  most are women and with kids. So, cooking/recipes, jewellery, cosmetics, other clothing, sandals, fashion related, child care, relationship, weight loss, etc would be good products to promote.

Since Majority of them are women. So, your wallpapers appeal to women?
You post pictures that women likes like food recipes, jewellery and others

I have found that targeting females in the shopping and cooking niches has worked best. Age range for target is between 25 – 37 years old. Your profile pic and board are important…so are the number of “quality” pins. Remember, not every pin needs to have your aff links! This goes a long way in building ‘trust’ and increasing your followers
A word of caution.
Pinterest is now cracking down the pins with aff links, so either cloak your links (my cloaked links are still staying, may be they will take it down later).

Alternative Approach:

Do the same thing as above, but instead of giving an affiliate link, send the traffic to your money site and you can earn from adsense and other means as well
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